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Case Histories

Some of our success stories from each sector

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters


Fire Gest has handled hundreds of fire claims worth up to 30M Euros, relating to major Italian and European companies. The case in the photo concerns a recent fire in a textile company producing yarns for cleaning tools in Central Italy,there was the presence of asbestos in the factory’s roof. The final loss was assessed in 13M Euros. The company also suffered high losses due to business interruption that were not insured. Our intervention involved: the investigation of the causes, the support to the insured for the rescue and remediation of recoverable machinery, the remediation of asbestos, in addition to the assessment and estimate of damages in a formal appraisal with the expert party appointed by the insured.

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters


Fire Gest has handled countless CAR-EAR claims regarding construction sites of railways, highways, tunnels, buildings and technological systems. The case in the photo concerns a construction site of a large wind farm in Southern Italy that suffered serious damage due to a catastrophic atmospheric event. The event caused landslides which affected the foundation structures of the wind towers. The vastness of the area and the criticality of some situations created by landslides made the accident very interesting from a technical point of view. The intervention involved the analysis of the technical criticalities, the discussion and advice on the restoration works and their control, in addition to the estimate of the damages with the expert appointed by the insured. The claim initially valued at around 5M Euros was finally settled at 1.5M Euros.

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters

Business Interruption

Since its foundation, Fire Gest has specialized in the management of BI claims (contribution margin, gross profit, contingency, Alop), for which it has also provided advice on specific BI coverage and refresher courses to some major Italian companies. The case in the photo concerns the estimate of the damage from Contingency Business Interruption of a primary national operator of high-speed trains, due to the blocking of the line following an accident by another operator. The peculiarity of the case was the partial concomitance with the first containment measures of the Covid pandemic. Faced with a request for 12M Euros, the analysis carried out made it possible to settle the damage in 5.5M Euros..

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters


Fire Gest manages Liability claims (professional, product and general). The case in the photo concerns the management of an international subrogation following a fire in a rolling mill within one of the major Italian steel mills (owned by foreigners) in Central Italy. The destructive fire was assessed in 13M Euros. Our investigations of the causes revealed defects in the design and installation of the automatic fire detection system, recently installed on the line, which had not intervened. On the basis of this analysis, we managed the compensation from the suppliers of the fire detection system who were insured by international policies (under Belgian jurisdiction), which led to the recovery of more than half of the damage suffered.

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters

Willful Acts (terrorism)

Fire Gest has developed a proven ability to manage and investigate claims from malicious acts (fire, theft and any other fraudulent actions), allowing in many cases the discovery of criminal networks and vast frauds against insurance companies. The case in the photo concerns the management of the damages caused by a tragic and heinous terrorist attack by the largest Italian criminal organization in a well-known art city in Central Italy, which had a worldwide resonance.

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters

Natural Disasters

Fire Gest has handled many claims for serious damage following all the major catastrophic atmospheric and seismic events occurred in Italy in the last 30 years. The case in the photo concerns the damage suffered by the technical infrastructures (centrals, equipment, lines and terminations) of one of the major Italian telecommunication and energy supplier following the devastating earthquakes that hit Central Italy (Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Marche-Lazio). The extended damages throughout the territory, often in devastated areas, led to many checks and complex estimates for the reconstruction and reactivation of the lines, also regarding the emergency services and for the assistance camps. The estimated damages varied between 8-10M Euros each.

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters

Forensic Consultancy

Fire Gest’s experts are able to support insurance companies with technical advice in court in disputes arising from claims, arbitrations and any other kind of support in the event of investigations by the Judicial Authorities. The case in the photo concerns a complex technical consultancy relating to construction defects of the external panels of an important public building used for judicial services. The intervention ascertained the responsibility for defects in the design and construction which generated a claim for compensation of 6M Euros.

Fire Gest Srl - Italian Loss adjusters

Energy Claims

Fire Gest has developed a long experience in claims in the Energy industry (HV MV LV distribution networks, power plants, transformers, renewable energy plants, etc.). For many years we have handled claims for the major suppliers and distributors of electricity in the territory of Central Italy, both for machinery breakdowns and for damage from catastrophic events to plants and distribution networks. In particular, we have managed claims in the geothermal energy plants of the Tuscan district, unique in the world for the use of this renewable energy source. Recently we have managed many claims for damages in the construction or operation of renewable energy plants (wind farms, photovoltaic plants, biogas) of around 10M Euro in single value.


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